Health check #4

I am released!!

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Like Magwich, a convict, an escapee on the long bogs of rural England, I have burst forth from Fremantle Prison …. I mean, Fremantle Hospital after 4 long weeks of recumbency and tests and observations.

I have been blood  pressurized, thermometerized, ferried to Fiona Stanley where nuclear medicine  had beeen applied for imaging, I have been physiotherapized – twice, daily, speech therapized, supervised for breakfast- making in a makeshift kitchen, hypothesized upon, seized upon by passing nurses, fed by the Ladies Auxilliary, allowed to wander aimlessly down corridors that shouted silence at 3am, subjected to Formula 1 Grand Prix racing by the neighbour until I could Formula  1 no more, and discharged ineptly but not without suitable consultation, and still they are without answers!

For all this, they are unable to tell why I should be taking so many falls ,particularly for a man of  such a  young age.

And so 4 long weeks later I  have been released.

But not  without some changes being implemented. My rogue blood pressure has been medicated, my tendency toward night terrors has been tamed, and my Parkinsons medication has been reduced but applied with more frequency and with stricter time controls for better release. And my nutrition,asI said, has been squarely placed in the hands of the Ladies Auxilliary!

During all this time I have been without the internet or any mobile coverage, and so  I apologize for my mute correspondence.

Centrelink has declared me as permanently disabled now so its official. I live off $900 a fortnight (and my sister’s good charity although I pay some board). I have no car; indeed, I have no licence,

But have i I givern up my will, mny  zest for life? Nearly, but not completely

I have those books to finish up yet,. Writing.

And I have family and good friends too. True friends, and I am very grateful.

Now, back to the slowness of life, The shower.But first the bed ….


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One response to “Health check #4

  1. Oh my BD, what travails you have to endure. I wish I could be there to sprinkle a bit of pixie dust around and chinwag with you; the tyrannies of distance indeed. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and hope (and pixie dust) your way xxxxx

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