Pasta with potato … is this some kind of delerium?

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A further three weeks in a hospital …. the Fremantle Hospital, to be precise, .. and still the Ladies Auxillary maintains that  indeed pasta can be served with potato. And that dried basil added to a tin of tomato soup makes it minestrone – it doesn’t. It barely makes it edible yet alone another food stuff.

And I busted a Russian pornographic ring operating out of Fiona Stanley Hospital. That was just before Building B at Fremantle took off as a spaceship across the waters to  Perth where I was to be faced with a heros return. And I’ve beeen rediagnosed.  I no longer have Parkinson’s disease. I have Multiple System Atrophy. Yay!

Only this last thing is true. I suffered delerium, the result of a UTI (urinary tract infection) that saw me fall 5 times in 5 days, the last time of which resulred in me not getting up off the floor for 1.25 hours (thank you Frances and Sammi for rescuing me). So back to hospital I went. And this  time I was placed in the “cookie  jar” (Sondheim fans will get it!)- a locked ward for patients who are a danger to themselves (and others).

And the mobile  phone which Gordon so kindly  provided is busted … so I cant  be reached at present. Being homesless sucks. But I am reminded thast I did spare the 95 yo “Prince” from further sexual exploitation by closing off the air lock to the outside Russians  ….. well, the runabout boats which had emerged from the warship which was floating off Fiona Stanley, right where the Kwinana Freeway stands, were a  real menace …

Multiple systems atrophy, eh .. .

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  1. Oh BD, multiple systems atrophy doesn’t sound good. How are you holding up? Is there anything I can do? Thinking of you xxxx

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