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Dim all the stars (poem)

I wrote this especially for my concert, December 2017 .It can also be found in my anthology Versification.


I had; in my sights at the time, Chrisssie,singing “Memory.Dim all the stars 4



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Swan song

landmark lights building architecture

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My digs for the next year seem kind of shored up,  for now. Thanks in large to the kind folk of MSWA City Beach, I seem destined to be the sole occupant Apt #1, 245 Butler Boulevard, Butler, next year with indivdual liviing combined with community space – a community dining  space, a community lounge, even a community cinema complex where you can take guests and view DVDs in ‘komfee chairs’. It’s impressive – if distant. I’ll advise in full as its confirmed!

Meantime, there is to be a fundraising concert, 3:30pm Friday 28 December,20117 Organised long-distance by me, I deeply suspect it is my swan song to the theatre, that long-standing companion of mine. Continue reading


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Aunty Liz




Aunty Liz with Maddy and me on a fish and chip outing!

Alway, always, always in our minds, and forever in our  hearts. Let Maddy wash you clean with her pink tongue ; let Gina, and Snoopy dance at the reunion.

I arrived at Margaret Doody House on the Monday; on the Tuesday we visited her in Hospice,.  We were lucky to  see our beloved friend ., Apparently, she had called for the priest  the night before to administer the last rites. And still she lived to see us – how grateful were we. Continue reading

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Annoying health update

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So, you thought I had vanished entirely …. 3 months without so much as a by-your-leave …. read on….
So, here I sit in deepest, darkest Australind, sheltered,safe,. secure … and pitiful. I have books to read that Heather (my sister) dribbles down to me here but it is Australind after all. And Collie is just the other side of the hill and is our birth-place. Deja vu.
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the moving camera


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We had no video camera in our childhood home, the consequence of which is that footage of me doesnt start to appear until I am 23 –  with the productoin of The Boyfriend (followed closely by Cabaret).

What little footage of my time exists, I have begun to amasss on vimeo an album dedicated to a retrospective, the gathering of which includes:

  • me with that gorgeous choir Close Harmony  – 2 videos, 1 in action in Dunsborough at a Songfest, and 1 as a sampler
  • me reciting 2 poems 0–  Jennxxit to farewell Jenny from work. aand 1 about the wickedness of exercise for we Parkinsons sufferers
  • the glory of the wisaaria tunnel at Sheldrake Lodge in Willetton (thank you designer Neil Hansen and planter Bryan Aitken and gifter of half the plants,my beloved Anthnony – Madeleine makes a guest appearanccew midway through)
  • me executing the vicious musical satire of Tom Lehrer in “A Christmas Carol” inside the Riverton Library in 2015 (thanks to videography by Amy)
  • me in action in Fremantle in “Adventures of a poet” in which I declaimed various lengthy poems in character interrrupted by Close Harmony who sang under my (tremulous) baton
  • lastlly. No Stone Unturned, about our research travels to the USA  in 2016 to investigate the Papers of author of musicals Peter Stone  – this last movie, an assemblage of moving image taken on my ipod mini, has no subtititles or acxcompanying narrative  and might be incomprehensibke to all saave Robert and I. But it is entertaining – whatch out for the visit to the Hamptons midway through, the residence of widoq Mary – Robert loved it, and endeared himsaelf to the locals

That link again,

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Health check #4

I am released!!

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Like Magwich, a convict, an escapee on the long bogs of rural England, I have burst forth from Fremantle Prison …. I mean, Fremantle Hospital after 4 long weeks of recumbency and tests and observations. Continue reading

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The sun whose rays ..


Gilbert & Sullivan were a favourite …. recall Yum-Yum. “The sun whose rays …. ”   Gloria Wilson, that beautiful lady, that most pugnacious of singing teachers, that wise woman, has finally been called home.  And those rays of gold, of russet and rose, are now dimmed at dusk.  Rest you.

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New beginnings 

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Yesterday I left Sheldrake Way for the second time in less than 10 years. Robert and I have separated after 14 years, and I have moved out of our home first acquired in 1985. 14 unmissable years. Madeleine and I are living with Aunty Heather in South Perth and she is taking excellent care of us. She loves the puppy very much. Continue reading


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Song. For Anthony

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In my life, the mind of Anthony burns bright as a beacon of wit, a flame of erudition and eloquence. He illuminated my young-mans poor imagination.His turn of phrase could both delight and inspire, and I hoped secretly one-day to be half the writer, half the artist he impressed me as. Continue reading

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Bullies and speedos …

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Our dear, dear nephew, hurt ….

he bursts into tears because the boys kept telling him he’s gay for wearing speedos and no-one wants to be friends with you when you’re gay. Where does this shit come from?

Oh dear child!.

Comfort, comfort, comfort. You have been the victim of a senseless act of bullying, and only a mothers love and a fathers care can stop the hurt. And only sense and reason can heal the wound.

This is such a spaghetti bowl of vicious untruths and hurtful stupidity that we have to unpick the strands carefully to expose this bunch of non-sequiturs for the harmless nonsense they are.

  1. Being gay will not make you lonely. You have two uncles who actually are, and they have never been more popular or cared for (our weekend away with our choir was proof). That said , nor will it make anyone universally popular, nothing will – not even being the Pope.
  2. Wearing speedos does not make you gay, utter rubbish. There are tens of thousands of Australian men who wear speedos, and they are heroes and champions; they’re life-savers and triathletes and swimming stars with huge international reputations and global fan clubs. Two of these were even slated to become Prime Minister – Perkins and Thorpe – so immense was their popularity. We even had a PM once who actually wore speedos, but he didn’t last too long. Perhaps the sand and grit from the political dumpers got caught in his cabinet as he braved the surf, but in a way the crack in his electorate was just beginning to show! Wearing speedos proves nothing.
  3. Women can wear bikinis and men can wear speedos and look amazing, and feel beautiful with the sensation on their skin of water and warm sunshine and salt.Wearing speedos is good.  But keep covered – the suns rays are not always your friend.
  4. Being gay is a difficult thing to be, but it is beautiful. It means you understand deeply who you are and you accept yourself, even if others have difficulty. Being gay will not make you lonely and unpopular; but being a bully will.

Don’t give in to bullies. Never yield. Do not surrender. But don’t fight either. Just listen to what is being said, then hear other voices – the voices of mothers and fathers, sisters & brothers, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends – and move on. Be braver than a bully.


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