Our World

Our little world is big enough for two… perfect.

Robert is a gift to cherish, big-hearted, handsome, creative, capable and he makes me laugh. And he sings. He is perfect.

And the dog–daughter makes three. Our family. Perfection augmented.

buggy central park IMG_0909






We have been together for 12 years, and that little bundle of white fur and unblinking eyes has been with us for nine of those.


We live in W now, renting the very first home I purchased when I turned 25.


The neighbours we know well, the layout of the house and garden, the spring spectacle of the wisteria tunnel, the cycle of the roses, how rainfall beats the patio roof like a drum, and the interior of the house – all quality, all taste, all Robert’s magic.


We have let the apartment in WP;


for 3 years we were inner-city types with a view to P House from our balcony,


and KP and the Old Observatory in strolling distance.


Sometimes we walked into town for a meal at The George, or Print Hall, or summer Friday-nights international food markets in Forrest Place.  It has been a lifestyle that brought us closer to the city’s heartbeat, and we enjoyed the glamour and the style. But we longed for home.



So, we’ve returned to a flatter, quieter, gentler, more restful environment. Home.

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